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Professionally-Written CV created by an expert who knows your industry.


1:1 Communication with your expert writer for full control over your CV.


Keyword Optimised for ATS to help CV Scanning Software choose you.


STAR: Cover Letter designed to make your job application 50% more effective.


60-Day Interview Guarantee - get twice as many interviews in 60 days.


STAR: LinkedIn Makeover for the perfect first-impression, and keyword optimised for success.


Written by a Senior Writer from the top 10% most successful of our network.


Expedited Delivery


First Draft Turn-Around Time

4-7 Days

4-7 Days

3 Days

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Wayne V.
Management - Launch Package

"Changed my CV to the next level"

"I highly recommend the services, Nina has to offer. She has changed my CV to the next ultimate level. I am very grateful for the services and how professional she has communicated with me, though the whole process. If you are in the market to obtain and reconstruct your CV please reach out to Nina!!"

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Giuseppe T.
Human Resources - Fast-Track Package

"Couldn't recommend them more"

""Nicole did a superb job. She communicated very effectively right from the start, she has patiently gathered my requirements, and she has delivered me an impressive result. I couldn't recommend her more. If you have an HR related project, then she's definitely your go-to writer! Nicole, thank you so much for your great assistance!"

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Andrew C.
Marketing - Premium Package

"Above and beyond the ask"

"A very experienced and knowledgeable chap who went above and beyond the ask. I highly recommend this service for your resumes and LinkedIn profiles, it couldn't have been a better engagement. Clear communications, perfect written English, and kept to the deadline."

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Frequently Asked Questions
show hide What are the benefits of a professionally-written CV?

Did you know, most people who try to write a CV are leaving thousands of pounds on the table? It’s true. Many people will struggle to get any work, and will only manage to scrape up low-quality interviews from time to time!

But it's not your fault. Here’s the problem you face: employers use a software called an applicant tracking system (ATS) which filters out 75% of all CVs. This means if you don't know how the ATS works, your CV will get caught in the CV void and you’ll forever struggle to get calls, interviews, or job offers.

For your CV to be successful, it takes the trained eye of a professional who knows what to look for: what works, and what doesn’t.

Here are the benefits of a professionally-written CV:

  • Land a job faster: we'll optimise your CV's keywords to make it extremely visible to your target employers. We know exactly how to help the CV Scanning Software choose you as the perfect candidate for the job.
  • Communicate your value: we'll tap into your target employer's selfish desires, and tailor your CV to their specific needs. You'll be seen as more valuable than the other employees.
  • Achieve higher-paying roles: candidates who apply for jobs using a professional CV get paid 7% higher on average than their colleagues, for the same job.
  • Sit back, and relax: you're managing your time accordingly with our done-for-you service. Enjoy 1:1 consultation when you want to suggest changes, or updates for your professional CV - but otherwise, leave it to the professionals.

show hide How does the writing process work?

Upon purchasing your package, a member of our team will be in touch shortly via email. You'll receive a link to a secure CV Questionnaire where you can either upload your current CV, or fill out the form (you can use both if you're missing information).

After submitting the questionnaire, your matched writer will be in touch via email within 4-7 days with the first draft completed.

Your writer may ask you for additional information to fill in the gaps, and you will can enjoy full 1:1 email access to them so you can suggest changes and fully personalise your CV. Sit back and relax, or take full control over your CV if you want it a specific way.

Once your final draft has been completed, you'll receive a copy in .pdf and .docx format so you can customise your CV any time in the future.

show hide How do I communicate with my writer?

All communication is done securely via email.

You have 24/7 access to your writer while your CV is being drafted.

show hide How well qualified are your writers?

Our writers must have vast experience in CV writing, and pass our strict criteria. They are also regularly updated with new CV writing tips, tricks and methods to keep their knowledge sharp.

Less than 4% of writers who applied for ExpertCV were hired. We hired writers who consistently produce amazing results for clients.

show hide Is my information safe?

All communication between you and your writer is 100% confidential.

We take data protection very seriously and we are fully GDPR compliant. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information

show hide What is our 60-Day Interview Guarantee?

When you order a package, you'll be working with a specialist who will develop a top-tier CV for you. Just to emphasise this, some packages contain our 60 day guarantee.

This means we guarantee to double your interviews within 60 days of getting your professional CV. If you don't, we will assess and rewrite your CV as long as you inform us in writing within 120 days.


Continue to work with results-driven CV writers.

Sticking in their mind...

The Perfect Career-Growth Framework goes like this:

1. Make your CV ATS-Friendly (win over the robots)

2. Make your CV stand out to recruiters (win over the humans!)

3. Stick in the recruiter's mind

4. Master your interviews

We'll give you a CV that easily completes Step #1 and Step #2 - but a CV is only half of the framework.

While a powerful CV can get you far, it will never get you all the way.

You need extra services to stick in the recruiter's mind before AND after an interview