What Is An Applicant Tracking System?

What is an ATS?

If you’re a job-seeker and you’ve been looking to improve your CV, you’ve probably heard of the term ATS. It’s important you know what it is, and what that means for you and your CV.

ATS means Applicant Tracking Software – a CV sorting, parsing, and collecting tool used by 98% of large organisations to help them find employees.

Yes – your CV has probably been scanned by a computer.

And you can use this to your advantage. Keep reading..

How do they work?

To get the best possible results with your CV, it’s crucial you understand how an ATS will work.

An ATS will do these 3 things:

  • Scan your CV for keywords

An ATS will be programmed to detect specific keywords that comply and relate to the job-description. If your CV contains messy, or incorrect keywords, your CV will be denied by the computer altogether.

  • Parse your CV

This means splitting your CV up into easy-to-read data-structure tables that employers can easily skim over. So in other words, before your CV is seen, your ATS generated ‘profile’ must be clean and compelling alone.

Here’s an example below:

  • Systematically rank you

Most ATS will give you something called a ‘management score’ which is a score from 1 – 10 based on previous job positions you’ve been in. The time spent in that field of work is usually not factored in when calculation your management score.

What does this mean for me? Should I be worried?

The simple answer? No. See below…

Generally, employers love ATS, and job-seekers hate them.

But you can either give in and hope for the best, or use the ATS to work for you.

75% of CVs are never seen  due to ATS – if you know how to appear on companies’ Applicant Tracking System, you’ve already increased your chances by 3/4.

How do I get my CV to appeal to an ATS?

The truth is, there’s no perfect way.

Due to the different industries, and the essential proper keyword-ing of your CV, there’s no ‘formula’ for an ATS friendly CV.

There’s 2 ways in which people land their perfect jobs online:

  1.  Dumb Luck

Their CV just so happened to have adopted proper formatting, perfect keyword use, and conveyed an applicant with the appropriate qualifications – pretty self-explanatory.

2. Their CV was written professionally

While there’s no perfect formula, there’s no better computer than the human mind.

In-fact, people who have their CV written by an actual career-expert are statistically likely to land 3× more interviews.

What are the benefits of a professionally written CV?

And it’s not just ATS optimisation…

  • Professionally written CVs are guaranteed to show up on an employer’s radar
  • They’re industry-specific and tailored by real experienced career-experts to get results by design
  • They’ll statistically land you 3× more interviews than self-written CVs
  • They’re faster and cheaper than standard CV writing methods
  • They save your most valuable asset – your time.

How do I get my CV professionally written?

Getting your CV professionally written is easier and faster than you think.

But you need to make sure your service provider has ALL of the following:

  • A professional career expert – get someone who’s good at writing, and has vast experience of career coaching and/or mentoring.
  • 1:1 consultation – you need to customise your CV to your best interests, and career goals – something that’s hard to achieve without 1:1 consultation with your writer.
  • Some sort of Satisfaction Guarantee THIS IS ESSESNTIAL! – I can’t tell you how many of my friends have been let down by expensive yet mediocre writers who gave them an incomplete and un-functional product. Make sure they have a proper 100% satisfaction guarantee in place.

Where can I find CV writers?

And this is the best part…

At expertCV we have found career experts that excel at creating your perfect CV, through 1:1 consultation, and (you guessed it) a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

You can secure your place in the top 25% at least…although most of our clients surpass that and are hired within a month.

Your time is important.

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